5 Famous Websites Made with WordPress

Many of our clients still ask us about famous websites made with WordPress, and that have a high range of visits. This is because there is a rumor that WordPress does not perform well enough when it receives a lot of traffic.

This rumor is totally unfounded, performance depends on the combination of:

  • Quality of development.
  • Server responsiveness.
  • Resources correctly adapted to the web.

Today I bring you examples of 5 famous websites made with WordPress.

Entertainment websites


The first website is one of the most important fashion magazines in the world. Vogue has about 164,600 visits a day and 800,000 impressions a day on average.

Vogue made with WordPress

BBC America

The website of the great American entertainment company is also made with WordPress. Its daily visits are an average of 48,900 and 240,000 page views.

BBC America with WordPress

Corporate Websites

Rolling Stones

The famous English Rock&Roll group has a website where you can buy merchandising and stay up to date with the band's latest news. It has an average of 7,600 visits a day with 38,000 page views.

Rolling Stones made with WordPress

Star Wars

The Star Wars website has many sections that explain different products associated with the great Disney franchise. Curious fact: many Disney Company websites are developed in WordPress. Average number of visits per day 65,550 with 323,200 page views per day.

Star war with WordPress

Mercedes Benz

The European automobile company par excellence has a website developed with WordPress. It is a quite well developed Theme with details taken care of to the millimeter, nevertheless they have a problem between hands with the domains. If you explore the web a bit, you will see that you are jumping all the time between nested pages of type "/cochesocial" to pages that are in subdomains. It has an average number of visits per day of 60,000 with about 295,000 pages viewed.

Mercedes Benz with WordPress

Do not hesitate, WordPress is valid for your project

After seeing these 5 famous websites made with WordPress I think there is no doubt, using WordPress on your website will not mean a lower performance. As a general rule, when you do not get your website to meet your expectations is usually because of an inadequate theme or you need to optimize the performance of your website. If you have any doubt, contact us and we will help you 🙂