5 Reasons why a Facebook page doesn’t replace your business’s website

Today we tell you why your Facebook page does not replace your website. However, we'll start by exposing three basic points about Facebook:

  • To have a presence in that social network.
  • Create publications to send Facebook users to our website.
  • Facebook advertising works well and is not very expensive.

We must take advantage of the potential that Facebook offers us to reach our customers who connect daily to this social network, and keep them informed of our news.

Therefore, Facebook is a very interesting tool if we make it work for our benefit, that is, if we attract the Facebook user to our proprietary website.

To work well on this social network, we must be clear that you can and should create specific content for Facebook, but this content must carry a call to action to our website.

What is your website?:

  • The one that you have control over the domain and over the hosting. 
  • You are free to publish whatever you want without censorship.
  • You open it and close it when you want.
  • You can change its appearance, color and even technology.
  • You can migrate it or change its hosting whenever you want.
  • The contents and images are yours.

5 Reasons why a Facebook page doesn’t replace your business’s website:

A Facebook Page is not your website, it's Mark Zuckerberg's business

Facebook page doesn’t replace your business’s website

Facebook is from Mark Zuckerberg. This social network creates the illusion of having a website for your business, but it is not true. That page is not yours.

When you ask someone about their website and they give you the address of their Facebook business page two things happen:

  • We realize Mark Zuckerberg's big business. 
  • We realize how confused people are about the function of a Facebook page.

This is something we have heard many times and not from individuals, people with businesses running, and very well. 

Some of these businesses rely on Facebook for their billing, and this is very sad because you work for Mark, you don't work for yourself. At any time these users can fall.

The contents that you create in this social network are given for free to Facebook

If you believe that the contents that you have had so much trouble creating, those beautiful images of your business, that you have shared, are under your control and they are only yours, you are mistaken.

When you sign the agreement with Facebook, at the time of registration in this social network, the content you share in that social network will be controlled by Facebook.

In short, in these agreements it says that you are the owner of the intellectual property rights (those rights are inalienable), but that they can do whatever they want with your content.

They can censor your content

At any time they can modify their policies and keep you out of the game. I'll tell you an anecdote to clarify this point.

A few years ago, when Facebook still had not changed many of its policies, a client of ours, to whom we made a website, created very little content for their website or very low quality content, 4 lines of news and little more. Its indexation in Google was 0.

His business model was visits to his website and users to see the advertising. All their visits, 100%, came from Facebook.  In this social network he poured all his content and filled it with calls to action to visit his website, so that visitors coming from Facebook could see the advertising on his website, which he owned.

Whatever it was, Facebook didn't like the way they did things, I think it was spam. It started censoring its content, because of some of the policies that were in force at the time, the fact is that in the end they ended up closing their Facebook page, and now the Facebook policy is much more restrictive than then.

What do you think happened? That same thing, which sank, From a million visits went to 0, but really, zero visits overnight.

If you had worried about the positioning of your website instead of working every day the content on Facebook, you would have noticed the drop in users but the blow would have been less or at least the fall would not have been so dramatic.

Web positioning does not depend on you

For a while users who wanted to gain positioning on Facebook, locked a lot their content, get "like" on their Fan Page, followers etc. But then their competitor would arrive, publish an ad and attract users.

It depends on your budget. To stand out on Facebook above your competition you need to loosen your wallet and invest in advertising

According to the fact that it is not as expensive as Google ads, they are reasonably priced. If you work well, you can get the most out of Facebook advertising.

Your posts are limited to a group of users

If you are not willing to invest in advertising, your publications are limited:

  • Your friends.
  • Those who want to follow your publications.
  • Those who have given your page "like" and decide to follow your publications, as the follow-up can be modified.

Beyond these three groups, which are often the same, you won't get there unless you invest in advertising or the people who follow you share your news. 


  • Create your own website and make social networks work for you and your benefit
  • Create content on your website (on your domain) and share it on your social networks. 
  • Create a Facebook entry that always brings action calls to your website. Don't create content for Facebook that doesn't invite action that benefits you.
  • If you create your website with WordPress, it will be much easier to share your content on social networks, as there are many plugins that help you do this. 

If you would like a quote for your website in WordPress, please contact us. Facebook page doesn’t replace your business’s website.

We create WordPress websites from scratch, easy to index on Google, as they are very lightweight. It only has what you're going to need at that moment, and that's not why you're limited, you can add new features and grow as your business grows, because the code is 100% native.

In my opinion, if you want to grow, you need a custom website made with WordPress.

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