Conditions of contract

By contracting our services, you expressly accept the following conditions, regardless of whether you may also have other particular conditions:

1.- Denomination and legal identification.

mowomo studio is a trademark of:

mowomo SCA
CIF F05324066
industry avenue 30,
11130 Chiclana de la Frontera

Hereinafter in this document as mowomo studio.

2.- Services we offer.

mowomo studio offers design and programming services for WordPress plugins, blocks, patterns and themes tailored to the needs of our clients.

We also offer maintenance and hosting services specialized in WordPress through the commercial brand mowomo care.

From now on we will refer to them as jobs, budgets and/or orders.

3.- On contracting jobs.


At your request, through the different means of contact that we put at your disposal We will send you, via email, a estimated budget with the amount, estimated, of the work to be carried out.
If that amount meets your expectations and you are interested in us carrying out the work, we will send you a formal budget with details of all the work to be carried out, method of payment and delivery terms and other conditions and agreements.

To formalize the order and for us to start working, you must pay the amount indicated in the formal budget, in time and amount.

Means and form of payment

The accepted means of payment are:

In all cases we request a percentage of the total amount of the order as an initial payment in advance in terms of budget acceptance and work order.

In the case of minor jobs or projects (normally up to 950 euros + VAT) we ask for 100% payment of the amount of the order in advance.

In the event that, once the budget has been accepted and the corresponding payment has been paid for its acceptance, you cancel the order before its completion, You will not have the right to a refund of the amount paid, which you expressly accept. This amount will remain as payment for the work (including consultancy, planning, project study and/or sketching) carried out up to now. Obviously you can request an invoice for that amount.

It is important that read carefully the budget that we send you by email for your acceptance, since it contains the works included in the cost that you are going to pay and those that are not included.

additional tasks

Remember that the works not included in the budget expressly must be paid additionally.

Sometimes and as we develop a project additional tasks may arise that may not be included in the budget.
These tasks can be ESSENTIALS for the proper development of the project, even if they have not been taken into account, whatever the reason, at the time of preparing this budget. If this is the case, we will inform you of the essential tasks to be carried out, which must be budgeted separately and approved by you to be carried out.


The jobs we deliver are compatible exclusively for the version of WordPress available at the time of delivery of the work.

Likewise, the works are provided as is and are NOT implied in any way that they will be compatible with all versions of WordPress available or any type of third party plugins and components. Compatibility with third-party programming, plugins, components, and add-ons is not guaranteed.


We do not offer free support for future updates of the work done (themes, programming, scripts, plugins, etc.), since we cannot know what changes or improvements WordPress can offer in the future. If you want, after the delivery of the work, that we update them to new versions of WordPress, you must request a quote.

We do not support any third-party themes, plugins, components and add-ons (not developed by us) active or not in your WordPress installation.


all communications related to your order or budget (the tasks to be carried out, information, changes or suggestions of any kind), must be made in writing (via email) to the email

No type of information received or sent by phone, WhatsApp or any other means, physical or online that is not indicated.


If the project to be carried out requires it, according to our own criteria, one or more meetings could be held through videoconference of predetermined duration, In no case, due to geographical impossibility, will the meetings be face-to-face, not even in the case that the client assumes the travel and subsistence expenses or moves to our registered office.

At mowomo, as a social economy company, we have opted for the conciliation and freedom offered by decentralized remote work and the economic benefit and time savings that it represents both for mowomo and for its customers.

About hosting outside of us

Another important point to take into account is the characteristics of your hosting. All the developments we deliver are tested, prior to delivery, on one of our development servers and it will be your responsibility to adapt your hosting to the technical needs of the contracted development.

However, if you still have any questions, before formalizing the budget or order (through the corresponding payment) Ask us all your doubts.

5.- Deliveries of works

Upon delivery of the work, you must pay the remaining percentage of the amount of the requested work. We will give you the corresponding invoice.
Any modification that you require of the work (outside of what is included in the budget) will be budgeted and paid for separately.

6.- Copyright

We are proud of our work and that is why we like to show it, once finished, in our online portfolio, social networks, conferences, etc. If you do not want this to be the case, let us know.

We are the authors of our works and we do not waive this right, so it must be stated in them in some way, either in the footer, the style sheet and/or the humans.txt file. During all the time that you use our works, a part of them, a modification or derivative work of them, you must maintain our authorship.

7.- Licenses

In addition, all our developments for WordPress are licensed under the GNU GPL v2 and later (read license text in english).

Basically it guarantees the four freedoms of free software:

  • USE. The freedom to use the software, for any purpose.
  • STUDY. The freedom to study how the software works and modify it, adapting it to your own needs.
  • DISTRIBUTION. The freedom to distribute copies of the software, thereby helping other users.
  • IMPROVEMENT. The freedom to improve the software and make those improvements public to others so that the entire community benefits.

8.- Reservation of Rights

mowomo reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Contract without prior notice, so it is recommended that you read them at each visit or if you have a contracted service, review them regularly.
mowomo reserves the right to suspend, cancel, modify or remove any content without prior notice.

9.- Jurisdiction and partial nullity

The User and mowomo submit to the Courts of the city of Chiclana de la Frontera waiving their own jurisdiction for the resolution of any point of this contract.
In the event that any of the clauses of this contract are declared null and void, the others will remain fully in force.

10.- Applicable law and jurisdiction

In general, the relations between mowomo and the users of its telematic services, present on this website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction and to the courts of the city of Chiclana de la Frontera.

You can contact us in different ways:

1.- Through the web form at
2.- At our physical address:
industry avenue 30,
11130 Chiclana de la Frontera

In the event that any user has any questions about these Contract Conditions or any comments about the mowomo portal, please contact