We specialize in block development for Gutenberg, using the latest technologies to get the most out of your WordPress.

Clean, light and optimized code

Programmed from scratch, using only the code necessary to perform its function.

This means that your page will load as fast as possible even before doing WPO.

Visual and aesthetic improvements of the content

Thanks to the Gutenberg blocks your web and/or blog will be much more eye-catching for the users. The design of these blocks is thought to make the content attractive to the user.

Intuitive, easy to use

These blocks exist to make it easier to generate content in your WordPress. Your block will have a layout that will make it easier for the user to find the content they are looking for.

Each block performs its function

You will have that functionality you wanted for your editor with a simple Gutenberg block, without the need of extra complements. It’s not about creating a block for you to include everything in it, but quite the opposite. You will have a specific block for that need you have with the development of your content.

He’ll be a good performer. Made with React.

With these blocks you only have to worry about including the content that will be interesting and useful to the user. They are blocks created with a really intuitive interface that facilitates the workflow in a very significant way.

Made with WordPress and for WordPress to get the most out of it

Our custom blocks are adapted to WordPress. You won’t have any compatibility problems with your website.

Full support for mobile devices and tablets

When we create a custom block we do so with the users in mind. For this reason, the block you request will be conditioned for mobile and tablet viewing. The user will have a correct visualization of the content regardless of the device he has accessed.